15 Photos Of Saint Bernard Puppies That Make Everyone’s Heart Melt

The Saint Bernard or St. The Bernard is a large, strong and muscular dog that originated in the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. Originally, the Saint Bernard was bred for use as a rescue dog in the Alps. Nowadays, the Saint Bernard is famous around the world and is known for being a careful and patient nanny dog ​​with children. In addition, the Saint Bernard is also a devoted, friendly, quiet dog and often sleeps a lot. Here are 15 photos of saint bernard puppies that make everyone’s heart melt.

#1 – “These two cheeky “butter wouldn’t melt” heads aren’t even 12 weeks old yet, weigh in at 12.3kg a piece 👌🏼🐶”

#2 – Denver 🐾 the Saint Bernard puppy ☀️💖💕

#3 – “Today 5 years ago something magical happened. Julie gave birth to these little fluffballs 🤩”

Credit: @imatsol

#4 – “Puppy Picture to brighten up everyone’s day ❤️”

#5 – “10 weeks old and already 10 years worth of sass.”

#6 – “mom, i’m ready to play! 🤪”

#7 – “Throwback to my early tree climbing days!”

#8 – Norman 🐾 the Saint Bernard puppy at 3 months old 🐶❤️💕

#9 – Eugene 🐶 the Saint Bernard puppy when lighter than 30 lbs 🐾💕🥰

#10 – Prince Benedict 🎀 the Saint Bernard puppy at 5 weeks old 💖

#11 – “First walk with my new vest that will fit me for probably only another couple weeks 😂 Woof! 🐶”

#12 – “Mumma says I’ll always be cute even when I’m a grown up, I hope she’s right 🧡”

Credit: @dulciemcdog

#13 – “Mr chewy!”

#14 – “Tree parts are my favourite chew toys, Woof! 🐶”

#15 – “Let’s just paws for a minute🐾”

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