15 Photos Of Portuguese Water Dog Puppies That Make Everyone’s Heart Melt

The Portuguese Water Dog is a working dog of Portuguese origin. Previously, they were taught to herd fish into fishermen’s nets, retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and act as couriers from ship to ship, or ship to shore. Nowadays, this breed also becomes more fame by being the chosen breed of US President Barack Obama. In addition, the Portuguese Water Dog is also an intelligent, independent, adorable, easy-to-train dog and they have coat that is considered hypoallergenic. Here are 15 photos of portuguese water dog puppies that make everyone’s heart melt.

#1 – “Got puppy mush? Puppy mush mustache 😍🤣💓”

#2 – “Yeah she’s pretty cute 😏💛”

#3 – “Do these filters bring out my eyes? 👀”

Credit: @acethepwd

#4 – “Mom & Dad gave cooptheportie and I a rinse bath yesterday because they said we had mud all over us from playing 🙄🐾🛁 Mom felt bad because she forgot to take photos of me in the bathtub so she took them while I was drying with my towel.”

#5 – “In just a few weeks I’ll be home with mom and dad 🏡 I’m ready to go on walks, swim in my pool and give lots of face licks! 🐾 Mom and Dad are excited to teach me new things and give me lots of snuggles 🥰”

#6 – “It‘s playtime 🤩 We loooove our toys – there are so many fancy options”

#7 – “Sibling cuddles 💕”

#8 – “Hi Friends. I’m Crew 💗🐾 I’m a female Portuguese Water Dog with curly/wavy hair. Mom and Dad pick me up tomorrow & I can’t wait to give them all the kisses, snuggles, and bites. They also pick up my brother cooptheportie 💚 mom & dad don’t know it yet but they’re in for double the trouble.”

#9 – “My pawrents don’t know it yet but this is secretly our bed now. 🐾 🛏️ just wait till I’m big enough to jump up here on my own.”

#10 – “Throwback to this handsome boy at just 5 wks old here 🥰🐾🍼 Leo 💫”

#11 – “Time flies – this is me and my brother Aris 😍 It seems like we have grown up quite a lot between 2018 and 2019 💪🏼😉”

#12 – “This is Batgirl.. also known as pillow girl now 😉🎉 I always find her on the pillow!”

#13 – “Monday Funday 😉🐾 well, actually every day is a Funday in our Portie life 🥰🐾”

#14 – “10 sitting still in one photo…. An almost impossible shot 🙆‍♀️”

#15 – “Today I went on my first walk, and met another dog for the first time. It was only a short one, but I managed to sniff everything I came across and keep some on my snout for later.”

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