15 Photos Of Pointer Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

Pointers, also known as English Pointers, are sleek, athletic dogs known for their elegant build and keen hunting instincts. Originating from England, they excel as versatile hunting companions, adept at locating and pointing game birds. With a short coat and muscular build, they excel in agility and endurance. Pointers are intelligent and trainable, displaying loyalty and affection towards their families. Their love for the outdoors and natural hunting instincts make them ideal companions for active individuals and families who enjoy outdoor adventures.

#1 – “Playing out early this morning- Hunter, Ace, Chase and Chance 🧡”

#2 – “We are 8 weeks and heading off to pastures new.”

#3 – So Cute ☀️💖💕

#4 – Pointer puppies with pure beauty ☀️🐾🥰

Credit: @argo_a_jaja

#5 – “Today is the turn of Miss Orange to leave for her forever home. The Three Musketeers are now the Two Amigos. 💚💜”

Credit: @gundioy

#6 – “Nothing ruins your Thursday like finding out it’s only Tuesday”

#7 – Pointer puppy at 7 weeks 🐾💕😍

#8 – “Peppers just like me … loves her shoes 😂”

#9 – Newborn Pointer puppies 😍

#10 – “The face you pull when you know tomorrow is Monday.”

#11 – “Mom says I wasn’t the easiest pup but I don’t really believe her”

Credit: @birddogtess

#12 – “Pointing in her sleep 😂 🖤🖤🖤”

#13 – “Caption this! 😄 What do you think they’re saying? Gini on the left, Oona on the right.”

#14 – “Trip to the grandparents”

#15 – “The kids are now 8 weeks old!”

Credit: @gundioy
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