15 Photos Of Pekingese Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The Pekingese is a breed of toy dog originating from China. They are also known by other names as “Lion Dog” because they have long fur covering their neck and chest like a lion’s mane. The Pekingese’s long, profuse coat requires weekly bathing and brushing in order not to be matted and tangled. In addition, Pekingeses are loyal, affectionate, confident, charming, alert dogs and can be considered good watch dogs. Pekingeses are also low to moderate energy dogs and spend a lot of time sleeping. Here are 15 photos of pekingese puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – “They turned 8 weeks yesterday.”

Credit: @montaipekes

#2 – “Double trouble! Willow with the white foot, and Wren are 13 weeks old now. Getting fluffier by the day! “

#3 – PaoPao the tiny Pekingese girl from Bangkok

#4 – “I’ve sure seen this place with the red circles a lot in my 8 weeks of life. 👀”

#5 – “We are the cute ones 😍🐾😍”

#6 – “The look of a confused puppy starting out on the lead. 3 months old tomorrow.”

Credit: @montaipekes

#7 – “Little Totoro ❤️”

Credit: @totoroliham

#8 – Adorable Pekingese puppies ☀️💖💕

#9 – “I put the toys in the basket, but they fit in. I need to buy a wool black sesame cushion 😍”

#10 – “It snowed! ❄☃️”

#11 – “Throwback baby 👶🏻🐶”

Credit: @peki_bowie

#12 – “Snacky snack time is my favorite time.”

#13 – “Pekingese babies are growing up!🤍”

#14 – “Oh my dog my owner won’t stop taking pictures of me”

#15 – “Toys, toys, toys 🤩”

Credit: @peki_bowie
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