15 Photos Of Norwegian Elkhound Puppies With Pure Beauty

The Norwegian Elkhound is a breed of dog of the Northern Spitz type originating from Norway. The Norwegian Elkhound is a strong and hardy dog ​​with thick gray, white and black double coat. In the past, the Norwegian Elkhound was bred to hunt wolfs, bears and moose in cold regions of Norway. The Norwegian Elkhound is an intelligent, friendly, playful, alert, independent dog and often have an inseparable bond with their owners. Nowadays, the Norwegian Elkhound usually receives food from their owners instead of hunting, which leads to them being prone to being overweight. Here are 15 photos of norwegian elkhound puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – Adorable 8 week old Norwegian Elkhound puppies 🐾💕🥰

#2 – “Our cuties are sure growing up fast (almost 4 weeks) 😍 – Ódinn & Sunna .”

#3 – “A couple more have joined the upright ear club 🥰”

#4 – “Happy Monday from these lil’ cuddle bugs 🥰”

#5 – “Hello world! My name is Bumi. I’m a Norwegian elkhound 🐾 Nice to meet you! 🐶”

Credit: @bumi.elkie

#6 – “I’m growing like a weed! 🌱”

#7 – “This boy already has his ears all the way up! Little over-achiever 🥰”

#8 – “Food? Food!!”

Credit: @bumi.elkie

#9 – “Hi my name is Hero and I am a two month old Norwegian Elkhound.”

#10 – “My first week in my new home was super nice. I got lots of treats and found some good napping spots.”

Credit: @fenriraros

#11 – “Everyone is starting to look like actual dogs instead of wiggly poofballs.”

#12 – “What’s that? Yea.. I was a good boy my first day crated home alone! A++ 🐾 ♥️”

#13 – “Hello world my name is Fenrir. I am a Norwegian elkhound puppy, I’m 11 weeks old.”

Credit: @fenriraros

#14 – “I love to lounge around on the cold tiles ❤️”

#15 – “Goose’s ears really started to stand up today ~ bittersweet. They’ll keep doing all sorts of funky things for a while longer I’m sure. Puppyhood goes by fast but it has me excited for the future things to come!”

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