15 Photos Of Keeshond Puppies That Make Everyone’s Heart Melt

The Keeshond, also known as Wolfspitz or Dutch Barge Dog, is a medium-sized spitz breed originating from the Netherlands. The Keeshond has a pointed face, pointed ears, and a thick fur covering the neck and chest like a lion’s mane. The Keeshond is also a very suitable dog breed for cold weather with a dense double coat to keep warm. In addition, the Keeshond is very friendly, outgoing, lively, intelligent, very affectionate with their families and a great companion for children. Here are 15 photos of keeshond puppies that make everyone’s heart melt.

#1 – These adorable Keeshond puppies will melt your heart 🐶☀️💖

#2 – “Throwback! – I still like following mamma & paps into the toilet 🤭”

#3 – “Good morning from cute little me! 12 weeks tomorrow, and my hooman seems a little bit tired! 😆😅 i just dont know why! 😆😅”

Credit: @ullathekees

#4 – “Throwback to when Nero was just a small ball of floof”

Credit: @nerojametka

#5 – “9 weeks and the ears are already standing up! 😍 We tried to take pictures, but the Lord had the speed on and only the first picture was successful. 😂”

#6 – “Me at left 👈 with my sister when I was a babybaby 🥰”

Credit: @ullathekees

#7 – “Meet Willow, he’s only 8 weeks old! The other cats are not exactly fans but they’ll be good when he chills out a bit.”

#8 – “Here’s a picture when I was less than three months old🥺 they say I was still impossible to photograph then”

#9 – “Little princess Leia 💓”

#10 – “This week I got to test being in an apartment building! for example, I peed on the stairs of an apartment building, stepped on my own poop and cut a hole in the lamp cord, so I could say that the apartment building is the best👍🏼”

#11 – “Enjoying the weather💛”

#12 – “10 weeks for this piranha! 🥳”

#13 – “Everything has gone better than well here, Sumu has accepted the puppy very well and Lili is already starting to feel at home, they are just so cute😍”

#14 – “I’m ready for my close up people 😇”

#15 – “Baby Prim ❤️”

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