15 Photos Of Irish Wolfhound Puppies That Make Everyone’s Heart Melt

The Irish Wolfhound is a talented hunting dog originating from Ireland. In the past, they were used as a wolf hunter, and their names also originated from here. Nowadays, Irish Wolfhounds are often favored for their loyalty, affection, patience, calm and devotion. in addition, they are generally introverted, intelligent, and reserved in character, not barking nor too aggressive. Here are 15 photos of irish wolfhound puppies that make everyone’s heart melt.

#1 – “With Miss Irish Cream, Bailey 😁❤️”

#2 – These adorable Irish Wolfhound puppies will melt your heart 🐶💖💕

#3 – “Gretchen & Cybilla say “hi” ❤️❤️😁😁🎉🎉”

#4 – “The blues brothers💙💜”

#5 – “Busy day! First train ride, meeting new friends, comparing paws, laying in puddles and splashing in duck ponds. Time for a nap!! 🐓🐺”

#6 – “8 weeks old Freya, had no idea how fast you would be growing 😂”

#7 – “Cant say no to this face🤭🦆”

#8 – “Sully was 32.4lbs for his 12 week check up this past week. Such a big boy.”

#9 – “Oh hullo. Do you like digging in the sand too?”

#10 – “I’m going to steal some hearts ☘️”

#11 – “Sweet Rowena – she’ll be 15 weeks old Thursday and is 42.6 pounds. Tried ice cream today and fell in love. Current favorite hobby – destroying any and all wood… just like Gemma at that age!”

#12 – “Three years to the day with this little potato… still not a fan of the rain 😒”

Credit: @shesarascal

#13 – “Had a bath, hated it, but look how fluffy I am😍. I got a pig ear for being such a good boy! ❤️🍀🐷”

#14 – “Sitting on the bench”

#15 – “Using GemGem’s favorite toy for a pillow after a long day supervising daddy mow the property. So exhausted!”

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