15 Photos Of Clumber Spaniel Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The Clumber Spaniel is the largest breed of dog of the spaniel type. The Clumber Spaniel has a massive ‘melting’ head with a mournful and dopey expression, a square nose and muzzle, and large vine-leaf shaped ears, freckles on the muzzle and front legs are common. The Clumber Spaniel is mellow, amusing, gentle, loyal, affectionate, calm, but dignified and aloof with strangers. In addition, the Clumber Spaniel is also a low-energy dog, they usually do everything at a leisurely pace and often prefer to lie in their favorite place. Here are 15 photos of clumber spaniel puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – These adorable Clumber Spaniel puppies will make you fall in love 🐾💕🥰

#2 – “This is cuteness overload😍. Our 4 week old puppies.”

#3 – “Our ”little” Hemmo 4 months🐶❤️”

#4 – The Clumber Spaniel puppy is so cute 🐶☀️💖

Credit: @anncurtis68

#5 – “Super proud of stealing the lounge chair 😂”

#6 – “Dora is getting a baby Clumber brother .. we met him today and we are so in love .a little longer to wait to bring him home so excited 💓 🐾”

#7 – “Lily 🌸 The prettiest Clumber in the world. 🌸🐶”

#8 – “16 weeks today!”

Credit: @anncurtis68

#9 – “I’m eating dad’s rosemary bush 🤣🙈The only bush available in my yard in this snowfall ❄️❄️”

#10 – “Food? Second breakfast?”

#11 – “A very sleepy puppy”

#12 – “1 week today until we can bring Cooper home 🏘️💓”

#13 – “Lucy the clumber spaniel !”

#14 – “Visited the vet today to get my 3 month vaccine 💉 I didn’t even notice as I got some nice treats 🤣😍”

#15 – “A triptych of cute”

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