15 Photos Of Borzoi Puppies With Pure Beauty

The Borzoi is a Russian breed and their name comes from an old Russian word meaning fast. The Borzoi is similar in shape to a greyhound, and is also a member of the sighthound family with high prey drives. In addition, Borzoi has also been called the Russian Wolfhound, but they are very calm and pleasant. The Borzoi is an affectionate, loyal, independent, gentle and highly sensitive dog. Most Borzois rarely bark and are quite reserved with strangers. Here are 15 photos of borzoi puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – Borzoi puppies are 5 weeks old ☀️💖💕

Credit: @vesperibell

#2 – “These 3 went on an adventure today. We visited Castiel’s new home. They got to meet geese, ducks, chickens, doves, and hawks. It was a great socializing experience which they enjoyed.”

#3 – “Lightning and 2 of her grandsons, Jack and Elijah (formerly Dean).”

#4 – Borzoi puppy is 27 days old 🐶🐾💖

Credit: @vesperibell

#5 – Borzoi puppy is 30 days old 🥰💕💖

Credit: @vesperibell

#6 – “The balcony is very good for seeing what’s going on ! – 9 week old”

Credit: @starryzoi

#7 – “Swipe to witness the cutest yawn➡️🥹😴”

#8 – “That a weird looking flower but it sure is cute 😍”

#9 – “use your feet 🥰”

Credit: @velzoi

#10 – Suzushiro 🐾 the Borzoi puppy at 2 months old 💖💕🥰

Credit: @ascos_akimo

#11 – “If the dachshunds can fit in this bed, then so can I!”

#12 – “New bed! – 11 week old red and white borzoi puppy is sitting on a large blue dog raised bed with pink blankets”

Credit: @starryzoi

#13 – “Off to the new home ♡”

Credit: @hollyzoi

#14 – “Who me? ⚡️☁️”

#15 – “I’ll just stay here while mum goes off in search of the borzoi assembly instructions as she’s clearly got it wrong!”

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