15 Photos Of Black and Tan Coonhound Puppies With Pure Beauty

The Black and Tan Coonhound is a large sized breed of Coonhound (the coonhound is a type of scent hound) originating in the United States. The Black and Tan Coonhound was developed from a cross between Bloodhound and the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound and is often used primarily to hunt raccoons. The Black and Tan Coonhound is a dog with a strong hunting instinct with a mellow, calm, lovely, gentle, tolerant, easy-going, unobtrusive temperament. However, The Black and Tan Coonhound may be too independent to satisfy a playful child. Here are 15 photos of black and tan coonhound puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – These adorable Black and Tan Coonhound puppies are 4,5 weeks old ☀️💖💕

#2 – “Black and Tan Coonhound puppy are 7 weeks old today. Puppies are big and active!!”

#3 – “Morning sunshine is best.”

#4 – “it’s a perfect morning to collect dew drops in my ears!🌻”

#5 – “Waiting for food, those paws 🐾”

#6 – “throwbackthursday so when mum got be a jacket that fitted for a week! 🐾 Swipe for some serious ear action (you won’t regret it) 👉🏻😍🐾”

#7 – “I turned 14 weeks old this week💓🎀”

#8 – “You are so adorable!!! 😍”

#9 – “This is me a few days after my family got me.”

#10 – “Rainbow chasing tail. 🤣”

#11 – “Ok last one today of Willie.. well maybe 😉”

#12 – “Muddy face and puppy eyes 👀”

Credit: @foghounds

#13 – “Is it summer yet?☀️”

#14 – “Omg sooo beautiful!!! This is about the exact size our tater is right now!!! So cool that Waylon gives us a bit of a look into the future, very near future haha!!!”

#15 – “Growing up so fast”

Credit: @foghounds
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