15 Photos Of Belgian Tervuren Puppies With Pure Beauty

The Belgian Tervuren puppy is a bundle of energy and intelligence. With a medium-sized frame and a striking fawn coat, they exude charm. Playful, curious, and quick learners, Tervuren puppies thrive on mental and physical stimulation. Developing strong bonds with their owners, these puppies require patient training, socialization, and regular exercise to grow into well-rounded and devoted companions. Here are 15 photos of belgian tervuren puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – “Not so long ago😭❤️” – Belgian Tervuren Puppy

#2 – Belgian Tervuren puppy at 9 weeks old ❤️

Credit: @tervtales

#3 – “Miss muddy nose is having a great day!”

#4 – “Little fox cub in the spring sun🧡”

#5 – “It’s been a whole week since I’ve left my littermates. Tomorrow makes a full week that I’ve been home. I’ve learned my name and how to sit when asked. Potty training is hard. I drink A LOT of water – Mom says it’s excessive – and don’t always go potty when I’m brought outside 😬 Mom can’t wait until I’m fully housebroken! She’s getting the carpets professionally cleaned 🧼”

#6 – “Modelling and tasting spring 🌿”

#7 – “What ‘s happenin’?”

#8 – “6 weeks old – I really like toys with squeakers. I don’t bite any toys, I prefer to search for the squeaker and amuse myself that way!”

#9 – So cute 🐾💕🥰

#10 – What a beautiful little Belgian Tervuren puppy 🙌

#11 – Sven 🐾 Belgian Tervuren puppy at 10 weeks old ☀️💖💕

#12 – “I’m 13 weeks old today! I’m growing up fast, getting bigger every day. Mom wants to cherish my puppy fuzz, but she also can’t wait to see what my grown up coat will look like. I’m going to be bigger than Kona, but I think he’ll still be the boss. Mom’s friend came over last night, and I wasn’t too sure about that. She was also at the scary vet place when I got my shots. Kona likes her. Mom says she’s my pet sitter, whatever that means. When she got up to throw something away, it scared me so bad that I screamed and ran into my crate 😬😅”

#13 – “10 weeks old today. Spent some time in town, had some visitors for a birthday party, napped under the curtain.”

Credit: @tervtales

#14 – “Warrior ‘Michi’ Wood of the Moon 🐶❤️”

#15 – “Hello everyone! My name is Sage and I am a Belgian Tervuren.”

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