15 Photos Of American Foxhound Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The American Foxhound is a scent hound originating from the United States. The American Foxhound has speed, endurance and work ethic, they are also very energetic, requiring regular exercise. The American Foxhound is a sweet, docile, gentle, easygoing dog and gets along with children and other pets but act shy and reserved when around strangers. In addition, the American Foxhound also has independence and a natural instinct to follow a scent, so it takes a lot of patience to train them. Here are 15 photos of American Foxhound puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – “Nap time back when I was small” – American Foxhound puppy

#2 – American Foxhound puppies at 4 weeks old 🐾💕🥰

#3 – Sigrid 🐶 beautiful American Foxhound puppy ☀️💖💕

#4 – “Mom’s going through her photo album… get ready for a big photo drop of me when I was a little guy 😇”

#5 – “Being a puppy is exhausting!”

#6 – “Yes, I shore do have a mouthful of sand 🏖”

#7 – Bryson 🐾 American Foxhound puppy at 2 months old 💕💖

#8 – “Mom always says to me, “You’re the cutest! Why you so cute?” ever since I was a little pup!”

#9 – “Hello, my name is Franky Four Fingers. Nice to meet you!”

#10 – “Thinking about what gift to get Mom, but then realized I am the best gift… Happy Mother’s Day! 💛”

#11 – “Nap Time is the best time.”

#12 – “Sticks! I love sticks.”

#13 – American Foxhound puppy ☀️

#14 – “Our sweet boy Marshall, who loves his new Gavel”

#15 – “Update on the roommate situation: despite the language barrier, we’re starting to get along better! She still doesn’t like my barking or play bowing, though. I guess there’s no accounting for taste.”

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