15 Photos Of Afghan Hound Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The Afghan Hound is a hunting dog originating from Afghanistan. The Afghan Hound is a sighthound with a high speed and a high prey drive so they tend to chase small animals. The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed with a regal appearance with long and silky coat, very low shedding and is considered hypoallergenic. The Afghan Hound is a typical temperament dog that can be aloof and dignified, but happy and clown when playing. Here are 15 photos of afghan hound puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – “Our growing princesses turned 1 month old 🧚‍♀️”

Credit: @kaisardel

#2 – “What do you mean I can’t have all these pillows?”

#3 – Adorable Afghan Hound puppies will melt anyone’s heart 🥰💕💖

Credit: @kaisardel

#4 – “Almost better than summer ❄️🌨”

#5 – “Loving my bed! At the moment we can fit 3 of us but not for long. 😄”

Credit: @roloandyuca

#6 – “Take off the wizard sleeve and welcome to my admin reveal!”

#7 – “Look into my eyes and give me all the treats!”

#8 – “My name’s Khai and I have big floofy paws ☺️”

#9 – “Lazy Sunday😍”

#10 – “Rolo had his first bath and grooming session today and we are very pleased he was so well behaved.”

Credit: @roloandyuca

#11 – “Chillin with the Havis. Tori has finally warmed up to me and now sits on the couch with me.”

#12 – “I’m 3months old!”

#13 – “No idea what happened to the table. Definitely NOT me 👀”

#14 – “It’s a beautiful warm day! Let’s all smile and enjoy the weekend🐶”

#15 – “Fall is here and Isla loves chasing and eating all the leaves. 🍂 🍁 🍂”

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