15 Photos Of Adorable Whippet Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The Whippet is a medium-sized dog originating from England. The Whippet is also usually quite comfortable in warm weather because they have a slender body and a short, thin coat. The Whippet is a healthy, low-maintenance dog, they rarely get sick or need the help of a veterinarian. However, Whippet also needs to be exercised regularly. The Whippet is a playful, affectionate dog, less barking, but slightly sensitive to unexpected actions. Here are 15 photos of adorable whippet puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – Whippet puppies at 8 weeks old 🐾💕🥰

#2 – These adorable Whippet puppies easily make your heart fall in love ☀️💖💕

#3 – “Throw back to the day our tiny little bean came home!!! 🥰🐾 He stresses me out regularly but I absolutely adore the bones of this little velvet boy. I still can’t believe he’s ours!! Could not imagine life without him now! 😍”

#4 – “Hi there, I’m Milo. Here I am as a teeny tiny pup at 8 weeks old 🐶 I’m definitely a lot bigger now, but have the same cute face. What do you think? I hope to show you my puppy progress!”

#5 – “Yes, I was once this itty bitty! 🐶”

#6 – “That lazy Sunday feeling ☕️”

#7 – “Willow is ready to play (and chew EVERYTHING!!)”

#8 – “I’m loving this IKEA set. There used to be a carpet but they hid it from me till I’m potty trained. I better work on that to earn the carpet back!”

Credit: @princelaika

#9 – “I am the only two-tone whippet! On one side I’m striped, on the other side uniform ‼️”

#10 – “Happy Saturday friends 🥰 It’s a cold and frosty one today ❄️ I’ve stolen my hoomans bed for the day for plenty of snoozies 💤”

#11 – “Working at the office is hard work, too many puppers to play with.”

#12 – “So much rain today, And I really don’t like it mum ! Can’t play outside 😔”

#13 – “3 months old now. Looking forward to grow bigger and taller into a proper Whippet 💪”

Credit: @princelaika

#14 – “My humans just watched all the Harry Potter movies and now they’re saying I look like a house elf.”

#15 – Nap time 💤💤💤

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