15 Adorable Photos Of German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies With Sweet Beauty

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium to large sized breed of dog originating from Germany. They have power, agility, speed and endurance. In the past, they used to work in fields or lakes. Nowadays, they have a happy life, intimate attachment and full of love according to their nature in their families. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an intelligent, bold, boisterous, eccentric, and characteristically affectionate dog that is cooperative and easily trained. Here are 15 adorable photos of german shorthaired pointer puppies with sweet beauty.

#1 – These sweet beauty German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will melt everyone’s heart 🥰💕💖

#2 – Adorable German Shorthaired Pointer puppies sleeping 💤

Credit: @bali_gsp

#3 – “Hi everyone! Our names are Gus & Bandit. We are German Shorthaired Pointers but most importantly we’re brothers. We are still babies but some of our favorite things include playing, snuggling, eating”

#4 – “Some Jake cuteness to get you through the day ! 🖤 #happytuesday !”

#5 – “feet were dipped when they made me if you are wondering 😂😂 “boots””

#6 – “Roo’s first trip. She’s always been a little mama’s girl. She had us obsessed from day one. 🐶😍”

#7 – The German Shorthaired Pointer puppy with proud beauty 🐶🐾💖

#8 – “smile for the camera!!”

#9 – “That feeling when you know the weekend’s coming to an end.”

#10 – “Crumb patrol is exhausting work, but someone has to do it!”

Credit: @gsp.woody

#11 – “8 week old me (Nel) 🐾♥️”

Credit: @gspnelly

#12 – “Today 😍 Jake is growing so fast!! – 9weeks”

#13 – “don’t mind me big bro, imma just chew my bone on your head 😂😂”

#14 – “supervising the boys at work 🔧🔨”

#15 – “Out here stealing hearts 💘”

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