15 Adorable Photos Of Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies With Pure Beauty

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a large-sized breed of retriever dog that originated in United States of America. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a Labrador Retriever-like appearance with wavy coat that is waterproof and oily to the touch. in addition to being able to swim and hunt well, this dog breed is also known for its ability to break underwater ice when hunting ducks with powerful chest. Nowaday, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is known as the intelligence, affectionate, happy, bright, quiet, sensitive dog, ready to fiercely protect their family but they are also a bit stubborn and difficult to train. Here are 15 adorable photos of chesapeake bay retriever puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – “Puppy pile!!🤍”

#2 – Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy with sweet beauty 💖💕🥰

#3 – “Waffle House, Farmer’s Market, & Cabela’s type of Sunday…🎃🤎🧡🐕”

#4 – “Play time with mommy cause I’m teething😬”

#5 – “What a cute little teddy bear 🧸”

#6 – “Wondering what to do next 🧐😂”

#7 – “Happy National Pet day to me!! This is me during my walk today. I love flowers!! 🌸”

#8 – “My girl is growing so much. She starts puppy classes soon and we can’t wait.”

#9 – “First time at the lake. I love this!”

#10 – “Don’t let that sweet little face fool you…. 🐾🐶♥️”

#11 – “Those blue eyes 🥰”

#12 – “These people started calling me Archie today…🤎”

#13 – “This weekend was so fun I got to stay in the dorm with my siblings!! Let’s just saying I’m definitely the life of the party…”

#14 – “Remi is 8 weeks!! 🎀🐶🐾💖”

#15 – “I finally got a collar don’t I look fabulous??? I also got to meet one of my big brothers for the first time today!! He took all of these lovely pictures of me!!”

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