15 Adorable Photos Of Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies With Pure Beauty

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being kind, confident, affectionate, gentle and obedient. They are easy to please and are generally good with children as they are very affectionate and patient. Especially Bernese Mountain Dog puppies have a lovely appearance that can melt anyone’s heart at first sight, and with their adorable mischievousness, they easily receive love from everyone. Here are 15 adorable photos of bernese mountain dog puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – Morris x Maija 🐾🐶 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies at 6.5 weeks old 💖

Credit: @funaticbmd

#2 – Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies at 8 weeks old 🐾💕🥰

Credit: @wccberners

#3 – “Ida – Dutchess of the woods 🤩”

#4 – Molly x Bumble x Dekota 🐶 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies at 8 weeks old 💕☀️💖

#5 – “Puppy Monday! Because it’s raining and we’re in quarantine so why not!”

#6 – “Happy Baby Smile🌼”

#7 – “It’s my favorite kind of precipitation 🌨❄️”

#8 – “Bigfoot 🐾”

#9 – “happiest with his ‘baby’ nearby… 💙”

#10 – “Tongue out Tuesday 👅”

#11 – “On my way to puppy preschool! In my car hartt gear, the one thing my dad wanted!”

#12 – Balu 🐾🐶 the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy 🐾💕💖

#13 – “New stick 😍who’s this🤪 ?”

#14 – “Just chillin’ in the PAWssenger seat 🐾”

#15 – Lucas 🐾🐶 the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy at 2 months old 💕☀️💖

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