10 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are So Lovable

Height: 8-9 inches (standard), 5-6 inches (miniature)
Weight: 16-32 pounds (standard), 11 pounds & under (miniature)

Dachshund is a very famous small breed and is called with many other names such as: Doxie, Weenie Dog, Wiener Dog, Sausage, Teckel, Dackel. They come in two sizes: standard-sized (usually 16 to 32 pounds) or miniature (11 pounds or under), and they can have one of three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired. Dachshunds are friendly, emotional, energetic, but sometimes stubborn dogs. This breed is increasingly appearing in families around the world.

#1 – Dachshunds are energetic

#2 – Dachshunds have big bear paws

#3 – The Dachshund is a devoted and loyal dog with their owners

#4 – The Dachshund has a goofy (but lovable) personality

#5 – The Dachshund is a great travel companion for adventure trips

#6 – The Dachshund is so confident for such a little animal

#7 – Dachshunds enjoy playing games that release lots of energy and often chew toys when bored

#8 – Dachshunds often have sleeping postures that make you laugh

#9 – Dachshund puppies are adorable and easy to steal your heart

#10 – The long body and short legs do not make Dachshund the most powerful swimmer, but their love of water and webbed feet make Dachshund a great swimmer.

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