10 Dog Breeds That Need A Lot Of Exercise

Exercise every day to keep all dogs healthy both physically and mentally. The dogs that need a lot of exercise are energetic dogs and are large in size that prevent them from releasing energy through games or activities indoors. Here are 10 dog breeds that need a lot of exercise.

#1 – Border Collie

The Border Collie is a herding dog breed originating from Scottish Borders. They are hard-working, intelligent, energetic and highly trainable breed. The Border Collie has independent and extremely intelligent thinking to handle their work. However, if they do not work, play, or exercise regularly, they will feel bored and destructive. Border Collie owners should expect to spend a lot of time with their dog. Today, The Border Collie is still used in their traditional work of herding livestock and is a family dog.

#2 – Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a herding dog originating from Belgium. They are muscular and powerful, but the looks seem elegant. The Belgian Malinois are very intelligent, active, friendly, protective, alert, confident and hard-working dogs. Belgian Malinois exhibit energy levels that are among the highest of all dog breeds. They need about 90 minutes of exercise per day and integrate with an active outdoor lifestyle. Nowadays, they are often trained to be great guardians.

#3 – Boxer

The Boxer is a medium to large breed of working dog originating from Germany. The Boxer has very short, thin coat that require very little grooming. The Boxer is renowned from olden times for his great love and faithfulness to household. The Boxer is an active, energetic, bright, playful, friendly, loyal dog. Boxers should exercise for more than 2 hours per day. In addition, they have the patience to protect so they are considered great dogs with children.

#4 – Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, also known as Aussie, is a breed of medium-sized herding dog that originated in United States. They have a similar appearance to the Border Collie. The Australian Shepherd is a smart, loyal, highly energetic, loving, kind, devoted dog. They require a lot of exercise (require more than 2 hours of exercise per day) and attention, if not working or playing will make them bored, and they have high separation anxiety. The Australian Shepherd a deep bond with their owners and also requires a lot attention from their owners.

#5 – Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a large-sized dog originating from Croatia. Dalmatians are very recognizable, they have an appearance with many black spots on a white background. They have short coats that don’t need grooming, and are easy to maintain. The Dalmatian is a smart, loyal, outgoing, bright, and loving and can be aloof with strangers. They also require to be exercise (recommends 2 hours of exercise per day) and Dalmatians are a great jogging partner, if you’re a jogging enthusiast, then they’re a great choice for you.

#6 – Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is is a large breed of all-purpose gun dog originating from Germany. The Weimaraner is short coat and unusual eyes give it a distinctive regal appearance. The Weimaraner is an energetic hunting dog, prized for its physical endurance and stamina, able to run with long distances and stability. They need a lot of exercise and should be more than 2 hours per day. In addition, Weimaraners are affectionate, loyal, energetic, obedient, fearless dogs. However, this breed is not an independent breed and likes to be with theirs owner, and is prone to separation anxiety when alone.

#7 – Vizsla

The Vizsla is a hunting dog breed originating from Hungarian, they stand out with their agility, and energetic, and also a talented hunter (used for hunting upland game, rabbits, and waterfowl). In addition, Vizsla is also very affectionate and gentle, not liking being left alone. Vizslas love exercise (recommended more than 2 hours of exercise per day) and can be a great option for those looking for a companion for running or hunting.

#8 – German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is a breed of medium to large-sized herding dog that originated in Germany. The German Shepherd Dog is large, powerful, muscular, agile, intelligent, confident and has a noble personality. Loyalty, courage are what people often mention about this breed. The German Shepherd Dog wants to protect and please those who are special to them. However, The German Shepherd Dog builds deep relationships with their companions, and prone to separation anxiety so they require a lot of attention from their owner. German Shepherds require at least 2 hours of exercise per day to avoid getting bored.

#9 – Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog breed native to the northeast of Siberia. The Siberian Husky was previously used as a sled dog in cold places. Today, they are more popular as pets, human companions. The Siberian Husky is a friendly, energetic, active, mischievous, loyal, outgoing dog and when they’re bored, they often chew anything, including the floor or walls. Some Siberian Husky also tend to like to escape and roam (and quite difficult to call them back when they are not playing enough). Siberian Huskies need more than 2 hours of exercise per day to make sure they aren’t bored.

#10 – Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-large breed of retriever-gun dog originating from United Kingdom and Canada. They have an adorable appearance and an outgoing, friendly, vivacious personality. The Labrador Retriever is a intelligent, playful, energetic, easy to train, easygoing, human-friendly dog that is suitable for making friends with all ages. They show deep affection for their caregivers and owners and they have high separation anxiety so they also require a lot of attention from their owner. They need about 90 minutes of exercise per day to keep them both physically and mentally healthy.

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