10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like the Water

Each dog has a different personality, so like or dislike the water in a dog breed also depends on the personality and experience of that dog with the water in the past. A bad or scary experience with water in the past, can make them dogs that don’t like or even fear water, even if they are dog breeds who love to swim.

However, in this article, we will not discuss the individuality of the dogs, but will mainly talk about the characteristics of the breed that will make them not like water. For example: have breathing problems, have shortened head (brachycephalic dog breeds) , short-snouted, very sensitive to cold temperatures, body ratio, body shape, dislike wet, etc.

#1 – Pug

The Pug has a flattened snouts and often has breathing problems becauseof a narrow nose and narrow trachea. There will be pugs that seem to like water, but most of them will often dislike water, they will panic when you first put them in a large pool, and quickly get tired of trying to keep their noses above the surface of the water.

#2 – French Bulldog

Like Pugs, French bulldogs have a short snout and also have breathing problems and are Brachycephalic dog breeds. If you want to take your French bulldogs to swim, make sure you wear a life jacket for them, and make sure their faces don’t sink into the water.

#3 – Chihuahua

Chihuahuas have large protruding eyes that are prone to infections and injuries and they are also susceptible to collapsing tracheas, so swimming for them can also put them at risk.

#4 – Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers is prone to weakening or collapse of the trachea as they age. In addition, they also have a high maintenance coat, and often they do not like to soak in water.

#5 – Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is also a Brachycephalic dog. They do not like their ears being wet, some of which are uncomfortable when their noses are wet.

#6 – Pekingese

Pekingeses are also considered Brachycephalic dogs, they have flat faces and noses that can cause them to develop breathing problems, making it difficult for them to adjust their body temperature in very hot or cold weather.

#7 – Maltese

Malteses often suffer from weakened tracheas as they age and they are also susceptible to weakened or collapsing tracheas.

#8 – Pomeranian

Like Maltese, they are also susceptible to weakened or collapsing tracheas, so swimming can become a risk to them.

#9 – Greyhound

Some Greyhounds can be good at swimming, but often they will feel unbalanced in the water. The Greyhound is more comfortable on land and is run around (Greyhound is the fastest running dog in the world).

#10 – Basset Hound

The Basset Hound has bodies that are not suitable for swimming, making it difficult for them to move around in the water. In addition, they also dislike their ears being wet (wet and airtight ears easily cause them to get ear infections).

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